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"Female Bust, Young Dantan, 1867"

Portrait in bust of a young woman wearing a comb in the Greek. Plaster signed on the foot shower Dantan young, and dated 1867. Jean Pierre DANTAN, said young Dantan, French sculptor (1800-1869), brother of the sculptor AL Dantan. Trained at the Beaux-Arts from 1823, he was a student of FJBosio. He made many small busts of 20 to 60 cm, edited in plaster or bronze, which he sold in a room of the Passage des Panoramas called "Dantan museum". Works at Père-Lachaise, portraits of celebrities of politics, the Arts (Beethoven, Paganini, Verdi, Victor Hugo, Balzac) in many museums, including Carnavalet in Paris, Rouen, Dijon, Atlanta. Library. -Museum Dantan, Paris, H.Delloye, 1839. -P.Sorel "the Dantan Carnavalet museum", 1986 - "the nineteenth century", ed. 2009 very slight accident on the base of the base; a whitewash was placed formerly on the surface, probably to give the appearance of marble.

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